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Cole's Countrified Radio is a non-interactive,  non-commercial internet radio station. and we strive to provide non-commercial music to our listeners. Like radio in the past we will be playing pop & country together.   How did I come up with the named Cole Countrified Radio? Well it is in honour of  the retired racing Greyhound I adopted back in 2000. He passed away but he was a great dog. 

Now why did I start this station. Well let me back up 1st.  As you read this is a "non-interactive,  non-commercial internet radio station" which means that I am not making a dime. I started this internet radio station in hopes to draw attention to the  talented Independent, unsigned, uncharted  singers that this station is happy to play.  So you will hear popular songs from the past and present, plus you will hear music from new indie artists. This station will be mixing country songs together from the past, present, and music from new artists.

As of now I have the listening hours set at 4 hours. but fear not as you can join back in again.

Thank you for tuning in to Cole's Countrified Radio.